What Does Service Engine Soon Mean?

Answer The "service engine soon" warning lights up on your car dashboard to alert you to a problem with your car. You or your mechanic can use a specialized computer scanner or code reader to diagnose the... Read More »

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Why Does My "Service Engine Soon" Light Come On?

When a car detects any problem with any of its systems, it will display a warning in the form of a light on its dashboard. While many new models will have an array of warning lights depending on th... Read More »

What Are the Causes of the Service Engine Soon Light?

The yellow "Service Engine Soon" dashboard light alerts the vehicle owner that a system or component has reached a "caution" threshold and repairs will be needed soon. Service Engine Soon lights do... Read More »

What Makes a Service Engine Soon Light Come on?

Modern cars have onboard computers that examine the emissions levels of the exhaust. This crucial system is needed to to keep the car running within the requirements of the environmental laws of th... Read More »

How to Turn Off "Service Engine Soon"?

The purpose of the "Service Engine Soon" (SES) light in any vehicle is to alert the driver that there is a potential problem with the engine. The powertrain control module (PCM) continuously monito... Read More »