What Does Service Engine Soon Mean?

Answer The "service engine soon" warning lights up on your car dashboard to alert you to a problem with your car. You or your mechanic can use a specialized computer scanner or code reader to diagnose the... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of the Service Engine Soon Light?

The yellow "Service Engine Soon" dashboard light alerts the vehicle owner that a system or component has reached a "caution" threshold and repairs will be needed soon. Service Engine Soon lights do... Read More »

How to Reset "Service Engine Soon"?

Error codes are created by a vehicle's computer as a way to determine what is wrong with the automobile and notify the driver. When the car senses a problem, it triggers error codes, which in turn ... Read More »

Why Does My "Service Engine Soon" Light Come On?

When a car detects any problem with any of its systems, it will display a warning in the form of a light on its dashboard. While many new models will have an array of warning lights depending on th... Read More »

How to Fix "Service Engine Soon" Problems?

The infamous "Service Engine Soon" error code is a message signifying the vehicle's ECM or electronic computer management chip has found an error in the vehicle's operation. This error message can ... Read More »