What Does Sell to Cover Mean?

Answer An investor may use a sell to cover stock strategy when purchasing stock from her employer's publicly traded company. This stock purchasing strategy allows an investor to save money through a disco... Read More »

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What does it mean to cover a stock?

The term used to cover a stock in the stock market is "short covering." It involves purchasing securities to cover and/or close a short position (betting on the stock to drop in value). Short cover... Read More »

What does duvet cover mean?

A duvet cover is a cover for your comforter. The comforter fits inside the duvet cover like the pillow fits inside the pillowcase. The duvet protects the comforter from dust or dirt. You can get a ... Read More »

Does Old Glory insurance still sell insurance to cover robot attacks?

I believe they still cover robot attacks - if they fire a warning shot first!

I want to sell my phone, can I sell my plan with it How does this work?

You cannot sell your contract has it has been agreed by you ! Saying you will pay (X) amount for (X) amount of time for the use of there service. And believe me when you sign a contract you are ful... Read More »