What Does Sandalwood Bark Do?

Answer Sandalwood is a tree that grows along the Pacific Basin from Australia through Southeast Asia. The tree is widely coveted as incense because of its pleasant and persistent aroma, as well as its aro... Read More »

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What type of dog does not bark?

Two types of dog do not bark. The first type is a breed of dog, called a Basenji. The second kind of dog is one that has been de-vocalized or "debarked." Although they do not bark, both types of do... Read More »

What does the bark of the sugar gum tree look like?

What exactly is sandalwood, and can it be found easily in stores?

It is a sacred oil from trees form India It is good for that as is geranium oil and frankincense oil. Make sure you get pure essential oils. I don't know how the treatments work.

How come my dog does not bark?

If you have a good guard dog with a healthy voice, you may sometimes wish this wasn't the case, although barking is protective and useful. However, there are some dogs that either cannot bark, do ... Read More »