What Does "Riding Shotgun" Mean?

Answer The coveted front passenger seat to a car has been a battle since the late 1800s, when cars were first invented. Whether between siblings, friends or co-workers in a car pool, the coveted "shotgun"... Read More »

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What does"riding shotgun"mean?

To "ride shotgun" means to ride as an armed guard next to the driver of a moving vehicle. It is a phrase that may have been used in the late 1800s, when the stagecoach was still a viable means of t... Read More »

What does riding the gravy train mean?

The expression "riding the gravy train" means living a life of luxury, or having a source of easy and plentiful income. The origin of the phrase is from the American slang definition of gravy, whi... Read More »

What does a shotgun house cost to build?

There is no standard floor plan or materials list for a shotgun house. The term describes a very narrow house with pass-thru rooms from front to back. The cost depends on the materials and labor.Re... Read More »

Is AA-12 shotgun the most powerful shotgun?