Answer It's the lowest price that the seller will accept for their item; if the highest bid is less than this at the end of the auction, the seller isn't obliged to sell it.

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What does"no reserve"mean on eBay?

Ebay's ease of use and low cost have made it a world standard in the buying and selling of new and used products. One option that the site uses to smooth out transactions is the reserve.Description... Read More »

How to Put a Reserve on eBay Items?

Many eBay sellers have found that a high starting bid discourages interest in an auction, while a low starting bid makes it possible for an item to sell at a low price, according to eBay. Setting a... Read More »

If I'm enlisted in the Army Reserve and also in an ROTC Program do I have to drop that program if my Reserve unit is called into active duty?

Typically, cadets don't get mobilized. I guess the army feels that it's more important for you to finish school than to go to war. That doesn't mean it's impossible, I just don't believe I've ever ... Read More »

Army reserve vs air force reserve?

With the exception of the 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry Regiment, based in Hawaii, the Army Reserve has no combat arms, and is a support force in its entirety. It's composed of training units, in... Read More »