What Does Power Feed Mean on a Car Fuse Block?

Answer Car fuse blocks refer to one or two plastic block assemblies consisting of fuses and relays. Car fuse blocks receive power via a power feed, which enables the fuses and relays to control current to... Read More »

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What is a fuse block?

All automobiles use at least one fuse block, also called terminal blocks, of some kind. These panels not only provide a mounting point for the fuses, but serve as a junction to tie systems together... Read More »

What Is an Under Hood Fuse Block?

An under-hood fuse block controls the flow of electricity through a vehicle. Just like a circuit breaker box in a home, the under-hood fuse block houses fuses that can trip or blow if there is an e... Read More »

How Does a Fuse Block Work?

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What is the Underhood Fuse Block?

An underhood fuse block is the primary power distribution point for your car and contains more than just fuses. This fuse block directly powers everything but the starter on most cars.