What Does Porous Soil Mean?

Answer Good soil is the foundation of a healthy garden. Many gardeners work for decades to create soil that gives plants a home in which they can thrive. Well-structured soil is characterized by a good mi... Read More »

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What is the difference between hard non-porous surface and soft non-porous surface?

I was curious as to the exact definition of these porous and nonporous because every time I picked up a cleaning supply it would always mention something about whether the product could be used on ... Read More »

Is plasma spray a porous or non porous coating?

According to the FDA, plasma spray coatings come in both porous and nonporous varieties. Both are often used to attach artificial joints to living bone. A writer at Gordon England says that the por... Read More »

What Does Loamy Soil Mean?

Loamy soil is a medium-textured soil that contains several different soil particles. It is preferred by gardeners as it provides an ideal environment for many types of plants to grow in. It tends t... Read More »

Is gunite considered to be porous or non porous?

Answer Gunite is a type of sprayed concrete, and is basically as porous as concrete is.