What Does Plant Food Contain?

Answer Plants produce energy from sunlight using a process called photosynthesis. However, they require nutrients along with energy to drive their life processes, and they absorb these nutrients from the ... Read More »

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What does the chloroplast contain in plant cells?

Chloroplast is surrounded by an outer and an inner membrane. Inside the membranes is a mixture of enzymes and water called stroma. Within the stroma are flattened sacs known as thylakoid. A group o... Read More »

What does food coloring contain?

Food coloring contains a variety of ingredients, based on its use. Some food colorings contain natural colorants, such as vegetable juice or even insects. Other colorings contain petroleum-based ch... Read More »

What does horsetail plant contain that makes it a scratchy tool?

It's the silica crystals that make horsetail fern [Equisetum hyemale] a scratchy tool. The plant forms silica crystals on the cell walls of its stems and branches. The crystals form in response to ... Read More »

Does the baby food contain salt?

No, baby food does not contain salt.