What Does Out of Status Mean in Immigration?

Answer "Out of status" in immigration refers to the designation given to a visitor, typically a visa bearer, who violates the terms and conditions outlined by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cus... Read More »

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What is an immigration status of F-2?

In immigration contexts, an F-2 visa allows foreign students to bring their dependents to live with them while they study in the United States. An F-2 is a temporary, nonimmigrant visa.F visasA for... Read More »

How to Check My Immigration Status?

Checking your immigration status can be an important part of the naturalization process in the United States. There are multiple ways to check your immigration status--online and in person. This ca... Read More »

Is it legal to ask about immigration status?

It is legal to ask a person about his immigration status, unless there is a specific statute in your state forbidding it. Employers, for example, are required to verify their employees' citizenship... Read More »

Proof of Immigration & Status?

To apply for jobs or enter educational institutions or public programs in the United States, a candidate may be required to produce valid proof of U.S. citizenship or legal immigration status.