What Does No Contest Mean in a Court of Law?

Answer "No contest" clauses can be found in some wills. These clauses generally provide that if anyone contests a will, that person receives nothing. However, the term "no contest" is associated more with... Read More »

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What does PSI mean in court?

In terminology used by the legal system, the acronym PSI stands for Pre-Sentence Investigation. A pre-sentence investigation is carried out by a probation officer after a defendant has been convict... Read More »

What does MTD mean in court?

In a court of law, MTD stands for "motion to dismiss." According to Lect Law Library, this motion can be brought in front of a judge for lack of evidence, improper jurisdiction, incorrect processin... Read More »

What does disposition mean in court?

A court disposition is the final ruling, order or decision of a lawsuit or criminal charge. Dispositions are typed documents that are filed with each case and therefore become public record. These ... Read More »

What does NOI mean in a court record?

In many legal proceedings and documents, including court records, NOI is an acronym for "Notice of Intent." Some agencies and state departments have specific forms for this, but an NOI can also be ... Read More »