What Does No Contest Mean in a Court of Law?

Answer "No contest" clauses can be found in some wills. These clauses generally provide that if anyone contests a will, that person receives nothing. However, the term "no contest" is associated more with... Read More »

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If you want to contest custody because you believe that the legal custodian of a child is using drugs how do you get a court to order a drug test?

Answer Contact DCFS (social services) give them the needed information and request they do an investigation. If they find proof of drug use they will remove the child(ren) from the home. A court he... Read More »

In the sitcom Good Times the art contest who is the artist and what is the name of the painting JJ tried to submit in the art contest?

The artist is Ernie Barnes. He did all of the artwork for the show.

Where do you register for the nightly money contest on the Jay Leno contest?

Is there a time limit for filing an answer in state court after remand from federal court?

There is a time limit to file an answer in state court, after remand from federal court. Each state specifies this limit within their judicial codes. Arkansas, for instance, allows 20 days in most ... Read More »