What Does Neatsfoot Oil Do for Leather?

Answer Leather is used in making clothes, upholstery and furniture because it can last a long time through proper care and maintenance. Well-maintained leather should feel soft. You can condition your lea... Read More »

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What kind of oil is neatsfoot oil?

The word "neat" is an old term for cattle, and neatsfoot oil is made from cow legs and feet, though not hooves. The bone proteins are purified, rendering a yellow oil used to soften leather.UsesNea... Read More »

What is neatsfoot oil made from?

Neatsfoot oil is made from the feet and shin bones of cattle--but not the hooves. It is used to condition, soften and preserve leather products, such as boots. It was used medicinally to treat dry ... Read More »

What does patent leather mean?

Patent leather is created when leather is treated with varnish or lacquer during the last steps of tanning. This creates a stiff, shiny leather traditionally used to make shoes and handbags. The Am... Read More »

What type of dress code does Wilsons Leather have?

Wilsons Leather, a leading specialty retailer of quality leather accessories and outerwear that is headquartered in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, has a company-wide business ca... Read More »