What Does NP Hard Mean?

Answer In complexity theory, a decision problem is one whose output is "yes" or "no", otherwise known as a Boolean value. NP is a set of decision problems; if the answer to an NP problem is "yes", there i... Read More »

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What does an ATA hard drive mean?

An ATA hard drive is one that uses an older standard for connecting to a computer's motherboard.BackgroundThe technology behind ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) drives was developed and release... Read More »

What does magnetically hard mean?

Magnetically hard materials can be defined as metallic or other materials which, when exposed to a strong electromagnetic field, become permanently magnetized. Iron is an example of a naturally occ... Read More »

What does the color of a hard hat mean?

There is no national standardized color system for hard hats. In many cases, green hard hats indicate management, while white hard hats generally go to staff. Highway and road crews often wear yell... Read More »

What does hard anodized mean?

Hard anodized refers to electrochemical procedure that transforms the soft molecules that make up aluminum into molecules that are two times as durable as stainless steel. This process is commonly ... Read More »