What Does Make Admin Mean on Facebook?

Answer On Facebook, an administrator, or admin, is someone who oversees a group page. When you see the "Make Admin" button, that means that you have created a group or you are an admin for a group, and yo... Read More »

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How to Make Someone Else an Admin on a Facebook Event?

Creating a Facebook event is a great way to spread the word about an event you are planning or promoting. When you create an event, you automatically become an administrator. Administrator privileg... Read More »

If I make someone an admin of my facebook page, can they see the messages that are already there?

yes, making someone an admin means that they have all the same power that you have on the page... which means they could even remove YOU as an admin if they wanted tonever make someone you dont kno... Read More »

How do you make someone an admin of a group on Facebook, when you created the group?

1)edit group profile2)edit member3)make or remove admin

When people make their status on Facebook like for an inbox, what does it mean?

Someone seeking attention. There is a 50% chance they will send you a message.