What Does Lactic Acid Fermentation Create?

Answer Lactic acid fermentation is the process by which bacteria digest sugars and release acids as a by-product of this carbohydrate consumption. These different strains of bacteria are utilized in a wid... Read More »

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Does yogurt do lactic acid fermentation or alcoholic fermentation?

Yogurt is associated with lactic acid fermentation. Yogurt is produced by lactic acid bacteria during the fermentation process. Conversely, alcoholic fermentation is carried out by yeast and is ass... Read More »

How do alcoholic fermentation&lactic acid fermentation differ?

Fermentation is a chemical process. Organic hydrocarbon compounds like sugar are oxidized by microorganisms. Fermentation can be done using yeast, bacteria and even fungi.Alcoholic FermentationWhen... Read More »

Is carbon dioxide released in fermentation of pyruvic acid to lactic acid?

In lactic acid fermentation, the pyruvic acid molecules produced from glucose by glycolysis is converted into lactic acid without production of carbon dioxide. By contrast, alcohol fermentation pro... Read More »

What Is a Lactic Acid Peel?

A lactic acid peel is a type of chemical peel used as a cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatment. Does this Spark an idea?