What Does It Mean to Trip a Circuit Breaker?

Answer A circuit breaker automatically trips, or shuts off, when it is overloaded with power. When the wires become too hot, they pose a fire hazard, so the circuit breaker is programmed to sense the extr... Read More »

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Can damaged wires cause a circuit breaker to trip?

A circuit breaker is designed to shut off the electricity when it detects that too much current is flowing through it. Damaged wiring can create a short circuit, which bypasses the resistance creat... Read More »

You have an Amana dishwasher ADB1 Sofsound II The door is in a locked position and will not open you did trip the circuit breaker to no avail?

The handle is broken on the inside. Put your thumbs on top and pull out with them while pushing the handle up and in. With a little luck it will open for you.

How many circuit breakers are in a circuit breaker panel?

The number of circuit breakers in a circuit breaker panel is determined by the expected need of all appliances and outlets in the house. It is recommended that more breakers be installed than you'... Read More »

You plug a vacuum cleaner into a 110-V outlet with nothing else on the circuit If the 15-A circuit breaker is tripped. what is the maximum possible resistance of the vacuum's motor?