What Does It Mean to "Brick" a Phone?

Answer A bricked cell phone is one that no longer works and is about as useful as a "brick" for making a phone call, according to electronics expert Dave Taylor. Bricking a cell phone, however, does not m... Read More »

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What came after the mini brick cell phone?

Since its beginnings, the cell phone has evolved greatly. Following the 1992 release of the Motorola International 3200, which was the first digital mobile phone that was hand-sized and completely ... Read More »

If a person does not blow your phone up what does that mean?

This is a shot in the dark, but could it possibly be the opposite of your phone "blowing up," ie lots of calls? Just as one says "I'm blowing up" when their phone rings, humorously comparing the so... Read More »

What does it mean on a phone?

If you look on your phone there will be a black piece that is shiny, abit like a volume button on the side but not a button you can press, abit like a dark screen. This is where the infared light c... Read More »

What does TTY mean on a cell phone?

A TeleTypewriter, or TTY, is a device used by deaf people to send text messages across analogue telephone lines. TTY adapters for cellular telephones allow you to hook up and use a compatible cellu... Read More »