What Does Gift In Kind Mean?

Answer Philanthropists donate money, resources and services to needy individuals, groups and institutions. Assorted non-conventional terms apply to the donations made and how they are utilized, among them... Read More »

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What kind of gift children usually like?

i think money, one time when i was seven my aunt gave me a very expensive toy that i dont even like and i was thinking,why dont you give me money instead.

What kind a Gift should I get for a Swiss girl?

I think most Swiss people would find it quite odd if you gave them a gift when they were visiting you.

Can someone recommend a kind of premium TEA that is GIFT-worthy?

Harney and SonsThey make my all-time favorite- Hot Cinnamon and Spice Black tea with Orange and Clove. You can find cannisters at Barnes and Noblein their cafe or buy out off of their website. I s... Read More »

What are your favorite kind of homemade cookies you like to receive as a gift?

Anything that has chocolate and or peanut butter in it.