What Does GDP Mean in Finance?

Answer The gross national product, or GDP, provides investors with in-depth insight on the significant trends within a country. The main components of the GDP, including business investments, consumer spe... Read More »

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What does owner finance mean?

Owner financing is a method by which a seller acts as the "bank" or "mortgage holder" in a contract with a buyer. Owner financing is common in the sale of homes when either or both parties do not w... Read More »

What does delta mean in finance?

A stock option's delta, also referred to as a hedge ratio, is defined by as the relationship between the option price and the underlying stock price. Simply put, the delta refers to... Read More »

Is a scrolling stock ticker better in Google Finance or Yahoo Finance?

On One Hand: Characteristics of Google FinanceGoogle Finance allows you to search for a company using a portion of the company name and will display the results as you type. You can also search by ... Read More »

What does hsbc stand for in banking&finance?

HSBC is the name of a financial services corporation. In its current form, HSBC does not technically stand for anything, though etymologically it can be traced back to its founding member, The Hon... Read More »