What Does Docx Stand For?

Answer In early versions of Microsoft Word, documents were saved with the file extension "doc." Microsoft changed to saving documents with the file extension "docx" by default starting with Microsoft Offi... Read More »

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What does docx mean?

The default file extension for documents created in Microsoft Word 2007 is docx. Previous versions of Word save files with the extension doc. The docx format combines XML structure and ZIP compress... Read More »

How do I convert WPD to DOCX?

Using the Word ProcessorOpen the file you want to convert in the word processor it was made in. In the top left corner, select "File" in the menu. When the drop-down menu appears, select "Save As."... Read More »

What format is a DOCX?

The .docx extension is for a file saved in the Microsoft Office Open XML format, according to It was first used in Microsoft Office 2007 and is supported on subsequent versions of Office.... Read More »

What is a docx document?

A docx document is a Microsoft Word document extension. It is put at the end of any document you save while working on any Windows system created after Vista. Mac computers will not be able to open... Read More »