What Does DPI Mean in Scanners?

Answer DPI stands for dots per inch, which is a measurement of definition in a printed image. DPI is not to be confused with image resolution, although both can be related.DefinitionComputer printers repr... Read More »

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Do i need all these scanners?

Hi PhillipThe only one you need is AVAST. That is by far, one of the best used by programmers. It catches viruses , trojans etc...

ID scanners can you use the same ID twice?

not quite the scanners this category usually deals with (computer scanners) but .... Quite possibly yes, but that assumes they scan the people out as well as in. If in only one direction you may ge... Read More »

How are scanners used?

An optical scanner, also known as an image scanner, is an electronic device that is able to produce a digital image of a physical document and send the image to be stored and viewed on a computer.P... Read More »

What do scanners do?

It scans.A scanner is a device that scans pictures by taking a picture of them then transferring it to your computer as a digital image file. Some of the more advanced scanners today have functions... Read More »