What Does Close All Browser Windows Mean?

Answer Internet browsers display webpages in windows or tabs. Several windows can be open at a time, allowing the user to switch between the open windows. During software installation, users are asked t... Read More »

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What does close your browser mean?

In computer language, the browser is the program used to access the Internet, such as FireFox or Internet Explorer. "Close your browser" would be an instruction to close this program by clicking th... Read More »

How do i close a g1 browser?

Launch the "Browser" application by selecting it from your home screen or launching it from the application menu.Press the "Menu" button on your G1, then select the "Windows" option.Press the "X" b... Read More »

The Internet Explorer Browser Won't Close?

Computers often play a necessary part in people's lives and careers. While computer programs have progressed to be reliably efficient, program errors do occur, and can be scary to those who are not... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Browser Virus in Windows XP?

Did you enter on a site lately and now it keeps opening each time you open your browser? Well, there are some dangerous ones out there which won't let you close your browser again. Follow this easy... Read More »