What Does "Clear ESN" Mean on eBay?

Answer Each cellphone contains an 11-digit Electronic Serial Number (ESN) that is unique and is used by cellular phone carriers to tie the device to a specific person or business. The ESN cannot be change... Read More »

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It's the lowest price that the seller will accept for their item; if the highest bid is less than this at the end of the auction, the seller isn't obliged to sell it.

What does"no reserve"mean on eBay?

Ebay's ease of use and low cost have made it a world standard in the buying and selling of new and used products. One option that the site uses to smooth out transactions is the reserve.Description... Read More »

What does open box return mean on eBay?

It is new, but it is not in mint, never removed from the box condition. You are taking a little risk. You have to decide if it is worth it.

What does it mean when ebay sends a second chance offer?

It can mean a couple of things. 1. the seller got a higher price but they are still willing to take your lower offer. Say its for a new wetsuit, and you bid $50. Maybe someone else bid $100. But h... Read More »