What Does Choppy Wear on the Edge of a Tire Indicate?

Answer Tires are the most important contact components between a vehicle's chassis and the road's surface. They control ride comfort and maneuverability. Sometimes tires develop unusual wear patterns, and... Read More »

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What is the cause of tire wear?

Regardless of the kind of tire wear, all tire wear is ultimately caused by friction. Tires moving against a road surface generate pressure and subsequently heat. Pressure and heat combined will de... Read More »

What Causes Tire Wear?

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About Tire Wear?

Tire wear problems can cause serious vehicle maintenance concerns, including alignment problems and equipment failure. As such, caring for your tires is necessary to ensure safety and the proper fu... Read More »

Printing Duplex Binding - Long Edge / Short Edge?

When Duplex printing, you can choose which way you would like your print to appear on each side of the paper using the Short Edge and Long Edge features. The edge refers to where the next page foll... Read More »