What Does Choppy Wear on the Edge of a Tire Indicate?

Answer Tires are the most important contact components between a vehicle's chassis and the road's surface. They control ride comfort and maneuverability. Sometimes tires develop unusual wear patterns, and... Read More »

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What Causes Tire Wear?

Rubrics help educators grade effectively. A common complaint from students is how a grade is actually derived. The days of simply putting a letter grade at the top of an assignment or project are o... Read More »

What is the cause of tire wear?

Regardless of the kind of tire wear, all tire wear is ultimately caused by friction. Tires moving against a road surface generate pressure and subsequently heat. Pressure and heat combined will de... Read More »

I am confused - 3G and EDGE: What is the difference and can I use EDGE in Australia?

EDGE is an improved version of 3G, faster upload/download speed of data. You shld ask the service provider if there r higher charges for EDGE service.

What is normal tire wear&tear?

The term normal wear and tear on a tire relates to the damage done to the tire over time during everyday use and not caused by an outside source such as nails or other items that can cause a tire t... Read More »