What Does Area Zoned C-2 Mean?

Answer In most cities, there are zoning ordinances that govern how different areas of land may be used. In general, most areas are zoned as either "R" for residential use or "C" for commercial use, or "I"... Read More »

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What does zoned r1 property mean?

An R-1 zone is an area of a city or town that typically has been zoned "low-density residential." The neighborhood is zoned this way usually to preserve the residential characteristics and to promo... Read More »

What does a land-zoned CRS mean in Indiana?

In Indiana, land zoned in a community rating system (CRS) plan deals directly with property residents who are seeking, or who may seek, funding for damages associated with flooding, whether from th... Read More »

What does an area of an object mean?

Area is a term used in mathematics. It is the measurement of how large the surface of an object is.IdentificationThe area of an object takes into consideration how many units of a given type of mea... Read More »

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