What Does "Adjudication of a Claim" Mean?

Answer When you submit a claim for benefits to an agency like the Social Security Administration, you are asking for a decision on your claim according to the law and guidelines set down by the agency. Th... Read More »

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What does adjudication of guilt mean?

The adjudication of guilt means that a person has been found legally guilty of a crime by a court of law. Sometimes the adjudication of guilt is withheld while the person serves probation or parti... Read More »

What does adjudication mean with a driving license?

In regards to a drivers license, adjudication means that a judge decided in a court of law about a case pertaining to an act of a licensed driver. The driver is then penalized by paying a fine, att... Read More »

What does it mean to claim yourself on your taxes?

When you claim yourself on taxes you are claiming a personal exemption;this exemption reduces your taxable income by $3,650 (as of 2010). You cannot claim this exemption if someone else meets the t... Read More »

What does"claim suspended"mean for short term disability?

If someone is informed that his short term disability request is suspended, it is likely because the insurer could not reach his physician in order to verify the claim. He will have eight days to r... Read More »