What Does 2x4 Walls Mean?

Answer Whether building a new home or hanging art on wall, it is beneficial to educate yourself on the terminology used in the building industry. In a general sense, "2x4" walls refers to light-frame buil... Read More »

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Which is better steel swimming pool walls or polymer walls?

It depends where you are building in the world. Steel is ready available every where but has the diadvantage of rusting over time if water gets to it. This can be slowed by painting with an industr... Read More »

How to Compare Solid Concrete Walls & Block Walls?

All concrete is made of cement, water and rock. But not all concrete is the same. The biggest difference between one type of concrete and another is in the rock, sand or crushed stone called aggreg... Read More »

Block Walls Vs. Precast Concrete Walls?

All concrete is made of cement, water and aggregate, rocks varying in size from sand to gravel. The cement and water make a paste that bonds the aggregates into a solid material. Both concrete bloc... Read More »

When it comes to your walls, do you....?

I can't stand the sight of bare walls. Makes me feel depressed for some reason. And so my walls are pretty much all covered with stuff. There are several framed posters, a Marilyn Monroe plaque and... Read More »