What Documents Are Needed for Testamentary Probate in Pennsylvania?

Answer Testamentary probate refers to the process of accounting for all of the assets of a deceased person, paying off any remaining debts, and distributing those assets as instructed by the deceased's wi... Read More »

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How long does probate take in pennsylvania?

Probate does not take long time in Pennsylvania in comparison to other states. The actual time it takes to probate an estate, which is usually between 3-9 months, varies based on factors including ... Read More »

How to Avoid Probate in Pennsylvania?

In American law, probate covers the issues over which a probate court has authority. These include traditional proof wills, appointment of guardians and conservators as well as the disposition of e... Read More »

Pennsylvania Probate Information?

Pennsylvania probate law applies to any situation in which someone dies in the state, leaving behind property. These laws govern everything from how someone can create a will to what processes must... Read More »

Is probate required in Pennsylvania?

Probate is required in the state of Pennsylvania. A living trust is one way to protect certain assets from the probate system. However, all assets must be placed in trust while the person is still ... Read More »