What Do the Sway Bars on a Car Do?

Answer Sway bars (a.k.a "stabilizer" or "anti-roll" bars) are an important part of any vehicle's suspension, and are designed so that they may easily be altered or replaced to tune the vehicle's handling ... Read More »

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Purpose of Sway Bars?

Sway bars reduce the tendency of a car to sway or roll, according to the website Autospeed. A sway bar connects the right and left wheels at one end---a feature that can significantly improve handl... Read More »

How to Hook Up Sway Bars?

Swaybars are simple but effective devices that reduce excessive body roll (also called lean) when a car is driven around corners. The swaybar is thin length of metal, sometimes solid and sometimes ... Read More »

How to Install H&R Sway Bars?

H&R Sway bars are produced using extremely high tensile strength steel, which reduces the amount of flex that the bars have when compared with stock or even competing aftermarket automotive sway ba... Read More »

How to Adjust Sway Bars?

A sway bar, also known as an anti-roll bar, is a slender piece of metal that is part of a vehicle's suspension. The bar connects the left and right wheels with lever arms that are joined together w... Read More »