What Do the Scientific Names for Sharks Mean?

Answer The 440 species of sharks are classified within eight orders. Like in any other scientific classificatory system, every order has several smaller groups called families, which comprise more specifi... Read More »

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Can you give me the names of at least 50 herbal plants with their scientific names uses and procedures?

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Scientific Names for Oregon's Grasshoppers?

Grasshoppers are insects of the suborder Caelifera, also called short-horned grasshopper to differentiate them from crickets, which are part of the suborder Ensifera. Some species of grasshoppers ... Read More »

The Importance of Scientific Names for Organisms?

Scientific names are used to describe various species of organisms in a way that is universal so that scientists around the globe can readily identify the same animal. This is called binomial nomen... Read More »

Scientific & Common Names of Alabama Plant Leaves?

Alabama has a large variety of native trees, shrubs, flowering plants and ferns, including several kinds of azalea, the beautiful flowering dogwood and the forget-me-not. All documented plants hav... Read More »