What Do the Letters in the Seats of the Airplane Mean?

Answer When you travel by airplane you usually receive a seat assignment that includes and a letter. The number tells you which row you were assigned while the letter indicates your specific seat within t... Read More »

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How big are airplane seats?

The standard airplane seat size has 28 to 34 inches of pitch and is 17.2 inches wide. Certain airlines have larger seats than others; for example Midwest Express seats have 33 inches of pitch and a... Read More »

What does class mean on an airplane ticket?

The class designation on an airline ticket is one of a number of codes that denote both the aircraft cabin (first class, business class or coach) as well as the fare type. For instance, "F" is a fu... Read More »

What does 9g servo mean on RC electric airplane?

The 9g represents the weight of the servos installed in the RC airplane. The servos weigh 9 g, or roughly one-third of an ounce. Weight is a primary concern on electric RC airplanes. These servos d... Read More »

What does 9g servo mean on an RC electric airplane?

A "9g servo" refers to a servomotor, a kind of electric motor that can be told to spin to a specific position. In this case, "9g" means nine grams. As electric RC airplanes get smaller, the weigh... Read More »