What Do the Horizontal Lines on the Forehead Mean?

Answer The muscles in your forehead cause your skin to wrinkle up when you make certain facial expressions. The resulting horizontal lines disappear on younger people's foreheads when the muscles stop con... Read More »

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Horizontal grainy lines on an image mean a digital camera is destroyed?

Answer The question begs another one or two before an answer can be given :-How is the digital image being viewed? - several possibilities exist :-1)On the camera LCD display2)On a computer monito... Read More »

If there are horizontal grainy lines on an image taken by a digital camera does it mean the camera has been destroyed?

If the lines are on the print, your printer heads need cleaning.

What causes horizontal lines to run down a CRT TV?

What causes the horizontal lines on a picture that is printed?

its the printer head leaving the marks, you will need to clean them, there is usually a function on the software that comes with your printer to maintain it, and to allow you to do this, such as th... Read More »