What Do the Five Points on a Pentagram Represent?

Answer The pentagram (or pentacle as it is known when not written or drawn) is one of the most persistent symbols in human history. It is one of oldest symbols dating back to the time of Uruk of 3500 BC ... Read More »

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How Do I Consecrate a Pentagram?

The pentagram -- a magical symbol which represents the microcosm of humanity and the innate ability to rise above animalistic bondage -- is used in many magical rituals. The pentagram tool used in ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Ratio of a Pentagram?

A pentagram is a five-pointed star shape. It is used as a symbol for a variety of religions all over the world and for some witchcraft-related religions. For some uses, it is sometimes seen fully e... Read More »

How to Draw a Perfect Pentagram?

Learn to draw, with the use of simple mathematics, a flawless pentagon or pentacle.

How to Cover Up a Pentagram Tattoo?

Getting that awesome occult-style pentagram tattoo once made you the fiercest of your old crew, a reputation you were happy to have. But ever since you began that new job at the courthouse or start... Read More »