What Do the Five Points on a Pentagram Represent?

Answer The pentagram (or pentacle as it is known when not written or drawn) is one of the most persistent symbols in human history. It is one of oldest symbols dating back to the time of Uruk of 3500 BC ... Read More »

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How to Draw a Picture to Represent Five Squared?

Five squared is an example of a mathematical exponent. The exponent, squared, denotes that you should multiply the base number 5 times itself (5x5). While not a complicated concept, demonstrating e... Read More »

How Do I Consecrate a Pentagram?

The pentagram -- a magical symbol which represents the microcosm of humanity and the innate ability to rise above animalistic bondage -- is used in many magical rituals. The pentagram tool used in ... Read More »

What are the common names of five shrubs and five climbers commonly used for planting along roadsides or parks?

in singapore: 5 common shrubs: 1. spider lily 2. bi-colored excoecaria 3. dwarf lemon 4. golden dewdrop 5. ixora 5 common climbers: 1. bougainvillea 2. morning glory 3. money plant 4. go... Read More »

How to Draw a Perfect Pentagram?

Learn to draw, with the use of simple mathematics, a flawless pentagon or pentacle.