What Do the Abbreviations AM & FM Mean?

Answer When a radio dial is turned to an AM or FM station, the radio receives separate signals that function quite differently. The abbreviations stand for the very way the signals work. AM means amplitud... Read More »

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What do domain abbreviations mean?

A domain abbreviation, or domain suffix, is used to categorize any given domain name into one of several top-level domains (TLDs). The domain abbreviation tells DNS which top-level domain to start ... Read More »

What do all these abbreviations mean in the baby world!?

TTC= Trying to concievePCOS=PolyCystic Ovarian SyndromeD&C=Dilation & Curettage2WW= two week waitAF= Aunt Flow (period)BD=Baby Dance (sex)BFN=Big fat negativeBFP=Big fat positiveCD=Cycle DayCL=Cove... Read More »

What do the abbreviations on home floor plans mean?

most home plans using abbreviations (to keep the plan from being cluttered) will have a table that explains the abbreviations

What does LCDR mean in Coast Guard abbreviations?

I'm guessing its the same as the other branches of the military, lieutenant commander.