What Do the Abbreviations AM & FM Mean?

Answer When a radio dial is turned to an AM or FM station, the radio receives separate signals that function quite differently. The abbreviations stand for the very way the signals work. AM means amplitud... Read More »

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For those who don't know the abbreviations!?

Thank you so much! I was just reading yet another question with the AF thing in it and thinking to myself, what the hell does that mean?! It's like trying to read my sons text messages sometimes! :)

All these abbreviations!?

2ww | Two Week Wait or the Luteal Phase - 14 DPO on average.AF | Aunt Flo, menstruation, period BBT | Basal Body Temperature BD | Baby Dance, Sex BFN | Big Fat Negative (Result on a HPT)CB | Cycle ... Read More »

CFP Abbreviations?

CFP is an acronym that refers to several different concepts. The abbreviation most commonly refers to Certified Financial Planner, call for proposals, call for papers, common fisheries policy and C... Read More »

Eye doctor abbreviations?

od = oculus dexter = right eyeos = oculus sinister = left eyeAll optical prescriptions are written with the right eye first.