What Do You Use for Traction If Your Car Is Stuck on Ice?

Answer If you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall or strong winters, chances are you will end up being stuck on ice or snow at some point in time. There are several methods to help you gain tr... Read More »

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How to Gain Full Traction on Your Feet when Running?

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What can you do to correct it if your lens is stuck in your digital camera?

I stuck my penis into a glass bottle and now it's stuck. What should I do?

You will not get it out yourself because the suction will keep it there. You have to go to the hospital and get it off you have no choice. i am sure doctors have seen worse things like men shovin... Read More »

What song is stuck in your head?

o.o i LOVE helena.but the song stuck in my head is hot in herre by nelly. LOLdont laugh.