What Do You Use a G Link Cable For?

Answer A G-Link Cable uses infrared technology to connect components. One end is plugged into a component while the other end is placed in front of an external receiver to transmit the needed signals to t... Read More »

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Can i plug a dvi-d single link cable into a dvi-d dual link slot?

Yes. DVI-D dual link is backwards compatible with DVI-I, DVI-A or DVI-D single link. You can quite happily plug this TV into your computer if that's what you are trying to do. Just remember that DV... Read More »

Where can i buy an i.Link cable for a sony handycam camcorder (the dv output to pc cable)?

You seem to be very confused - - your question asks about an i-link (firewire) cable - but then you go on to talk about USB type A and BUSB and firewire (i-link) are NOT the same - they use very di... Read More »

What is a G-link cable used for?

A G-link cable is a standard cable that is used to either change channels or features on two devices at the same time. The most common example of this is changing the channel on your DVR and your T... Read More »

What does a G-Link RCA cable do?

G-Link RCA cables for digital video contain IR emitters, which improve infrared signals that connect to cable boxes, satellite receivers and video recorders. G-Link video and digital audio cables b... Read More »