What Do You Use Your Conair Bathtub Bubbler For?

Answer Bathtub bubblers, also known as bath spas, have become an increasingly popular option for people who cannot afford or choose not to purchase a traditional whirlpool bathtub or spa. To fill this nee... Read More »

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What Is the Purpose of a Bubbler on an HHO Generator?

A bubbler could save your life. If your vehicle operates on an HHO generator, or you plan on building one for yourself, ensure you know what a bubbler does and how you can get one.

What can you do about rust under your bathtub?

Answer For mine tub, I used phosphoric acid to remove the rust, then reaplied enamelent laquer. I had partialy rotten ring around the main drain in the tub, but with some silicone gui I sealed it o... Read More »

How do I remove bathtub discoloration caused by bathtub mats?

Remove the bathtub mats. Form a paste with 3 tbsp. of baking soda and 4 to 5 drops of water. Add more or less water to create a thick paste. Apply the paste to the discoloration on the bathtub. Cut... Read More »

How to Build an Urn Bubbler Fountain?

Add design interest to your landscape or patio with an urn bubbler fountain. Nestle a decorative urn fountain in a flower bed, fill a patio corner, or place one prominently in your front yard. You ... Read More »