What Do You Think Is Better...Apple Or Microsoft?

Answer APPLE

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What do you think, will Microsoft Silverlight replace Flash?

When I opened this stuff for the first time with Firefox, the browser crushed :) But I think yes (well, there is JavaFX also). Flash isn't perfect, for example it doesn't support 64-bit mode of exe... Read More »

On Microsoft Word, what do you think is the best size and which font should you use for formal work?

fonts 10-12 are generally accepted, always use Arial or Times New Roman as any other font will look strange on someone else's PC if they don't have the same font as you have chosen to use. but thos... Read More »

Do you think Microsoft Security Essentials is a good anti-virus?

Do you think Microsoft will ever accept that Vista is a disaster?

That's... a typical question coming from from someone whose name is "Linux Geek". Vista was hardly a disaster in terms of design and coding. It's a more robust operating system than XP was at its r... Read More »