What Do You Think About YouTube Cracking Down On Movie/Music Copyright?

Answer Every YouTube user agreed to abide by the Terms of Service agreement... Part of that agreement is that they wouldn't post copyrighted material. If they did, then YouTube had the right to remove the... Read More »

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If youtube has took down lot of music videos due to copyright, blocked them,what do you still use youtube for?

Youtube began as a personal website that three former Pay Pal employees set up in February of 2005. It was not originally meant to post videos from other companies just personal videos that users w... Read More »

How do I add music to YouTube without worrying about copyright?

Royalty free music is the way to go if you want to keep your videos up. Just go to one of the sites below and do a search for "beauty" or any other keyword associated with your videos and you might... Read More »

Is it true youtube closes in september about copyright on videos?

no its not youtube isnt doing anything wrong...just common myths from people that hate youtube, for some odd reason.

What do you think of all the music videos being taken down from youtube?

have patience and watch this space!!!think about it!!all the music videos will be gone, some artists will say "hey lets give you tube permission to put our video on their because we will be the onl... Read More »