What Do You Need to Set Up a Draft Beer System?

Answer A draft system for the home-brewer is a must, and makes practical sense for the beer aficionado or party host. Keg beer is fresher and better-preserved, without the chemicals added to bottled or ca... Read More »

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Why is my draft beer foamy?

There's nothing quite like a cold draft beer to end a long shift at work or cool down on a hot summer day. But waiting 10 minutes for the foam to die down can take some of the joy out of drinking t... Read More »

Why does draft beer give me a headache?

Draft beer is beer that is filtered and served from containers such as kegs. It can cause headache because it is a form of alcohol, which can cause hangovers.HangoversA headache after drinking draf... Read More »

Why does the Miller Genuine Draft beer doesn't have alcohol content % on it?

Before craft beer started producing beers that could top 16% ABV, many states had laws to outlaw the display of strength on beer, and none had laws requiring the display of ABV. The reasoning behin... Read More »

Beer suggestions Need some help from beer lovers?

If you love Coors Light then stick with the traditional American and Canadian brands (except Miller Light, of course). Drinking anything more expensive than that will most likely be a waste of mon... Read More »