What Do You Need to Set Up a Draft Beer System?

Answer A draft system for the home-brewer is a must, and makes practical sense for the beer aficionado or party host. Keg beer is fresher and better-preserved, without the chemicals added to bottled or ca... Read More »

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Why is my draft beer foamy?

There's nothing quite like a cold draft beer to end a long shift at work or cool down on a hot summer day. But waiting 10 minutes for the foam to die down can take some of the joy out of drinking t... Read More »

Why does draft beer give me a headache?

Draft beer is beer that is filtered and served from containers such as kegs. It can cause headache because it is a form of alcohol, which can cause hangovers.HangoversA headache after drinking draf... Read More »

Why does the Miller Genuine Draft beer doesn't have alcohol content % on it?

Before craft beer started producing beers that could top 16% ABV, many states had laws to outlaw the display of strength on beer, and none had laws requiring the display of ABV. The reasoning behin... Read More »

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