What Do You Need For College to Become a Geological Engineer?

Answer Geological engineers study natural resources and develop philosophies and tactics to extract minerals and petroleum from underneath the Earth's surface. Colleges and universities educate students i... Read More »

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Geological Engineer Job Description?

Geological engineering is a field that combines engineering technology and practices with geological research. Geological engineers study the Earth's natural resources and composition and use compl... Read More »

What college degree do you need to become a mechanical engineer?

The most common educational attainment to become a mechanical engineer is a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering; however, many colleges and trade schools also offer diploma and certificat... Read More »

How to Use U.S. Geological Maps?

U.S. Geological Survey maps show streets, bodies of water, vegetation and the contours of the surrounding hills, mountains and valleys. Lines, colors and symbols combine to show surface elevation, ... Read More »

What is a geological ladder of time?

Geologists study the Earth's history by examining excavated layers of rock. Layers of rock stack on top of previous ones over hundreds of millions of years. Geologists often refer to this method of... Read More »