What Do You Drink With Breakfast?

Answer I drink tea without soy but with proper milk, I don't fall for this organic nonsense about orange juice any more than I do for spring water when our tap water is of excellent quality and not only d... Read More »

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Survey:Which fruit juice do you drink with your breakfast?

I can't. I just drink water with breakfast..Being that i'm a diabetic, fruit juice sends my blood glucose levels in to craziness.

What do you drink at breakfast?

Coffee, with flavored creamer and sweeter.

What sort of drinks can diabetics drink and what can they eat for breakfast?

as all the above had said, try to avoid drinks with refined sugar. I would say fruit juice & diet drinks. I tend to drink coffee or tea with aspartame sweeteners.Breakfrast. It just has to be porag... Read More »

How to Make a Healthy Breakfast Drink?

Are you tired of your usual mundane breakfast? Make it fun with this smoothie recipe!