What Do You Do if a Crayon Melts in the Dryer?

Answer When kids put their dirty clothes in the basket, it's a game of laundry roulette, eventually a stray crayon tucked in a pocket gets missed. When a crayon makes it unseen to the dryer, the result is... Read More »

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How do I remove crayon from a dryer?

Non Abrasive CleaningRemove crayon stains from a dryer drum by using WD-40, dry rags and soapy water as noted on Wet a rag with WD-40 and rub the crayon stain off the drum walls. The... Read More »

How to Clean Crayon out of a Dryer?

Did you recently open your dryer and find colored stains all over your clothes? If a crayon has melted inside of the dryer, the color will continue to run for some time unless you get it out prompt... Read More »

How do I remove crayon from a clothes dryer?

Spray a lubricant onto a damp cloth. Wipe off the crayon with the cloth and lubricant. Re-apply lubricant as needed, but use it sparingly since it is flammable. Dampen another cloth with water and ... Read More »

How do i remove crayon from the inside of a dryer?

Place a few old towels that you won't use again in the dryer, and turn the dryer on medium heat. This will heat up the wax and cause it to adhere to the towels. Good Housekeeping recommends mixing ... Read More »