What Do You Do On Level 3 of Ciao Bella?

Answer Elena, the main character of Ciao Bella: La Bella Romanza, has to balance the work, family and romantic aspects of her life in this simulation game. Ciao Bella has 13 levels, starting with her firs... Read More »

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What does"Ciao i miei amici"mean?

The Italian language phrase "Ciao i miei amici" translates to 'hello my friends" in the English language. Italian is considered one of the Romance Languages along with French and Spanish.Source:Rom... Read More »

Is a legit site?

I think it's okay but I find it difficult to use - my browsers don't seem to work on it. The sites I use (and I do get paid) can be found at: .

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College level coz i m still in an engineering level... havn't entered an industry yet.. so will be having professional level when i ll be there next yr...

What does your still cia Bella mean?

no. the CIA has better things to do than listen to a bunch of whiney teenagers talk about themselves.