What Do You Do If You Co-Own a Paid Off House and Want to Sell It?

Answer If you are part owner of a paid-off house, whatever you do, you are going to make money. If you want to sell, the smooth route is to come to some agreement with your co-owners about the sale. Lack ... Read More »

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What happens if I sell my house for less than I paid?

Though real estate often is sold at a gain, situations arise when an owner must sell a home for less than he paid for it. If you cannot afford your home and have negative equity, the only option ma... Read More »

What Happens If a Seller Financed Home Buyer Decides to Sell Before Their House Is Paid off?

Many people selling homes, especially homes that are difficult to sell, turn to seller financing as a way to market the home more effectively. Many seller-financed purchasers would have problems bu... Read More »

What Can I Do If I Want a New House But Have Lost My Equity & Can't Sell My Old One?

You have negative home equity if your mortgage debt exceeds your property value. Negative equity in your current home can make buying a new home difficult or impossible. However, in some instances ... Read More »

Can i force my husband to sell the house if i want a divorce in maryland?

In Maryland, even if your husband owns only half of your marital home, you cannot force him to sell it. The only way that a home sale can be forced is if a judge orders it--and that won't happen un... Read More »