What Do YOU HATE about YouTube?

Answer No porn

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What can I do about YouTube hate comments?

You're going to have to get a tougher skin. You can't let people get to you. If you're going to post anything anywhere on the internet, you better be prepared for the jealous and nasty people who... Read More »

I hate google,what about you?

I don't hate Google. Perhaps you can tell us all the reasons you dislike them so much.- Dominic

What do you hate about drivers?

they all get on my nerves and always likes to beep the horn alot and i like yo new york sign

I hate Macs! What about you?

I prefer PCsMACS SUCK I FEEL YOU(> ;___;)>I want to just break my Mac sometimes!!!I DONT EVEN HAVE THE OPTION TO COPY/PASTE LINKS!the URL disappeared and whatever I did I couldn't get it back..Plea... Read More »