What Do YOU HATE about YouTube?

Answer No porn

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Why is there so much hate on youtube?

*sigh* because most of the people my age think they're being funny when they insult other people. :/ they're really immature and stupid. they're too crude ... *sigh*maybe they feel insecure about t... Read More »

Why would Someone Hate all videos on YouTube?

Because he's is lying, he has no life and wants to sound superior. Just tell him when you see him say you have no credibility. He'll get mad and have to show you one of his films. Cheers!

Which YouTube Star Do You 'Hate' The Most?

the dutch girl , fred ( i will pay my whole bank saving 2 any one that kills him ) , angry germany kid ( it was a set up )

Who else hate the new youtube homepage?

apparently i haven't watched my subscription videos for weeks and now i have a long list of videos and it's just really annoying