What Do Tree Frog Tadpoles Eat?

Answer Tree frogs live all over the Earth, except for in Antarctica. Adhesive pads on their feet let them cling to trees and jump more than 40 times their own length. Baby tree frogs are called tadpoles. ... Read More »

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Will the red-legged frog eat tadpoles?

The amphibious red-legged frog's diet varies. It includes other amphibians in addition to invertebrates and small mammals. When given the chance, the red-legged frog consumes smaller frogs (particu... Read More »

How to Care for African Clawed Frog Tadpoles?

Many people, when taking care of African Clawed Frogs, realize there are eggs in their cage at one time. This article will tell you what to do if you want to raise the eggs.These frogs are very har... Read More »

How big is a red tree frog?

The male red-eyed tree frog can grow to 2 inches in length and the female red-eyed tree frog can grow to 3 inches in length. They are carnivores that eat mostly bugs and are native to Central Ameri... Read More »

What does a red eyed tree frog eat?

Red-eyed tree frogs eat flies, moths and other flying insects. They also can be fed crickets, wax worms and small silkworms. Red-eyed tree frogs should always have clean water available. A vitamin ... Read More »