What Do Pond Fish Eat?

Answer It's essential to give your pond fish nutritional food to increase their longevity. They are good at finding food for themselves, but you can assist them with commercial brands to ensure the fish t... Read More »

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What do I need for a fish pond?

Adding a fish pond to your backyard is akin to creating a small ecosystem, so it requires careful planning before construction begins. There are several supplies you'll need to keep your pond healt... Read More »

What are good pond fish?

Fish that live in backyard ponds must be hardy enough to endure varying seasonal temperatures, quick enough to evade predators such as birds and frogs, and able to thrive on the plants and insect l... Read More »

What fish eat pond algae?

Koi fish--usually noted for the beauty and variety of their coloring--are the most common algae-eating fish kept in ponds. A lesser-known algae eater suitable for pond life is the common plecostomu... Read More »

What should I feed my pond koi fish?

Koi fish are omnivores, although plant matter is a larger part of their dietary needs. These fish can be fed formulated koi fish pelleted food found at most any fish retailer. Other foods to feed a... Read More »