What Do People End Up Doing With Their Osteopathic Medical Degrees?

Answer Osteopathic physicians are an integral part of modern medicine. By treating the whole body instead of the various symptoms of a disease, the work of an osteopath differs from the work of a traditio... Read More »

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Allopathic Vs. Osteopathic Medical Schools?

In the United States, licensed physicians may come from either a conventional medical school or a school of osteopathic medicine. Conventional medicine is sometimes referred to as "allopathic" medi... Read More »

Accredited Osteopathic Medical Schools?

Osteopathic physicians are providers of healthcare, much like traditional medical doctors (M.D.) however the approach is different. The Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, commonly referred to as a "D.... Read More »

Requirements for Osteopathic Medical Schools?

Osteopathic doctors, also known as DOs, are licensed physicians trained to view patients as whole beings rather than a summation of their individual body parts and internal organ systems. Osteopath... Read More »

Osteopathic Doctor Medical Schools?

Doctors of osteopathic medicine take a more holistic approach than traditional medical doctors. This means they look at all aspects of the person's health, from the physical to the emotional. If yo... Read More »