What Do Investors Look for in a Business Plan?

Answer A basic purpose of writing a business plan is to attract capital for your venture. Avoid the mistake of including too much information. At the same time. do not inadvertently omit anything a prospe... Read More »

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How do you market a business plan to potential investors?

Know your audience and sell the ROI There are three things to keep in mind when marketing your business plan:1. Know your audience. You are targeting investors, not donors. They want to know how mu... Read More »

How to Write a Realistic Business Plan That Will Attract Investors?

There are many resources online for writing business plans, and once you do some market research, establish clear goals and learn the layout, it's not hard to write one. However, what the plan is u... Read More »

How do I look for investors to invest in a small startup business?

Determine the Amount You NeedYou must determine how much money you need to raise. If you are raising funds for an existing business, you may already have a budget you can use. If you are starting a... Read More »

What do bankers look for in a business plan?

When a business approaches a lender for funding, whether it is for startup money or expansion funds, a solid business plan is a necessity. To consider loaning money, a lender wants to know specific... Read More »