What Do I Say On a Card for Funeral Flowers?

Answer Funeral flowers are sent to the funeral home once the news of the deceased is announced. It is proper etiquette to send flowers before the first "wake," or viewing of the body to pay respects. Ther... Read More »

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Do you have to send a thank you card for flowers after a funeral?

On One Hand: Recognized EtiquetteBereaved family members who have received flowers after the death of a loved one should write a short thank-you letter to the sender, the Emily Post Institute advis... Read More »

How to Buy Flowers for a Funeral?

Funeral floral arrangements are a tradition dating back to ancient times, when the deceased were anointed with fragrant flowers and herbs. Flowers continue to be an integral part of the funeral ser... Read More »

Different Funeral Flowers?

The presence of flowers is the most common practice in the world to symbolize love and sympathy at funerals. Different varieties and colors of certain flowers have special meanings. Flowers have a ... Read More »

DIY Funeral Flowers?

It's irrefutable: indulging in creative pursuits to occupy your mind when times are difficult offers therapeutic relief---especially when mourning the loss of a loved one. Turn your sorrow into act... Read More »